Soft Space is a coworking area that favorises exchanges of competencies and work life balance.

You can come with your children on some occasions at it has a dedicated space for them, full of toys and activities.

An area for exchanges : the mix of professions and experiences make your stay even more enriching.
An area for creation: social innovation workshops are regularly organised. They enable you to get started with crowdsourcing initiatives.
An area of well being: well being activities are organised, such as yoga or meditation.
A children friendly area : A play area welcomes your children when you have to work poncutally with them.
Soft Space proposes activities for children on Wednesdays and during the holidays. 

Activities programm for children. The price will change depending of the activity.

For those that look for a permanent child care solution :
Thanks to a partnership with the Montessori Aquilae school , Soft Space proposes an “all-in-one” pack.
A worked space for you at Soft-Space and your children 3-6 years old go to the Aquilae school at a special rate.

Monthly working space location available in 3 different forms :
1. Shared space 200ch/month. Can be booked for a day for 40chf
2. An area just for you with some storage space, 400chf/month
3. In a closed office that can welcome up to 3 people, 800chf/month

Soft Space organises events on a regular basis.

Adress : 
Rue des Cordiers 2, 1007 Genève

Phone :
022/ 566. 50. 58.

Website :


Opening hours :
9h00 – 18h00. Upon request, can be extended in the evening and opened during week-ends.

Pass Unicorn Privilege : 1 month trial location in a shared open space for 100chf instead of 200chf (50% discount) and a voucher for a children activity/workshop, available on Wednesdays.