La Reine des Pom’s is Laetitia. With love and patience, she knits lovely headbands with a retro touch.

Each Reine des Pom’s headband is hand knitted in Switzerland with carefully chosen wools that keep you warm in a elegant and comfortable way. Cotton, wool, cashmere are the privileged fabrics and the color tones are soft and trendy. 

Exclusively for Label Unicorn, La Reine des Pom’s creates the children version. Combine it with your own headband for the perfect match

Unicorn Family Pass Privilege : 15% discount on your order online, direct order or at designers’ markets.  Dealers excluded

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La Reine des Pom’s

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Distributor boutiques :

  • Wunderchic (Geneva) capsule collection
  • Pourquoi Pas (Geneva)
  • Les Gens (Lausanne)
  • La Sensitive (Paris)