At Cap Canaille from the Babilou group, children as early as 3 months old grow and flourish in a bilingual environment ; French /English in our Vaud daycares and French / German in Fribourg.

As of 2 ½ years of age, parents have the possibility to choose a preferred language for their child. Through total immersion groups, children quickly learn a new language.

Up until the age of 30 months, children spend their day in a bilingual environment. Gradually, children learn two languages through songs and play activities.

As of 36 months of age, children are welcomed into “one language only” classes. This method of language immersion allows children to perfect their conversation skills and feel comfortable in a new language.

Pedagogy drivers at Cap Canaille are:

A Gateway to the World through the morning ritual songs, but also with an educational program composed of a variety of activities adapted to the needs and individual pace of each child. According to the age group, excursions to the park, to the market or to the museum are regularly organized. These excursions are the perfect opportunity for children to learn new words and develop conversation skills.

Emphasis on fun learning through play with a selection of books, toys and games adapted to each stage of development. Dress up accessories, arts and crafts and also recycled materials. Proposed in sufficient quantity, all toys and games are also switched regularly depending on the interests and the developmental stage of the children.

Encouraging social development through a wide variety of activities organized within our daycares, children gradually learn to interact with other children and adults. By simply listening to a story, participating in a cooking activity or a gardening project, children observe, imitate, explore and interact with others and the world around them.

Network of daycares :
Bulle :  026/913 78 43
Le Mont-sur-Lausanne : 021/545 92 87
Morges : 021/802 29 27
Rolle : 021/ 826 02 90
Villars-Sur-Glâne : 026/401 26 36

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